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Here are some boxes created for our clients in past projects. We have the capability to customize boxes using recycled board, incorporating covers made from specialty papers, leather, cloth, glass, native materials and more to meet your specific requirements.

Product Box with leather and velvet materials

A box crafted from recycled board, featuring a leather cover, velvet lining, and a glass window.

Specialty Box made by Premium Box Corp

PR Box

A personalized collapsible PR box, constructed from recycled board, showcasing a fully printed cover with lamination.

Collapsible Box or Surprise Box

Customized Gift Box

Customized gift boxes with cover from stock paper and logo from UV print printing. The box has inner beddings customized for the gift items. 

Customized Premium PR Box

Customized shape box

An aesthetically pleasing box crafted in a customized shape to complement the client's brand.

Diamond Box by Premium Box Corp

Material combination box

Customized box crafted from recycled board, velvet cover and stock paper lining.

Velvet Boxes

Customized box with stamped logo

A customized gift box made from stock paper with logo stamp on cover.

Box with stamped logo
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