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Our Story

Premium Box Corporation Team

We at Premium Box Corporation have been crafting specialty boxes and handicraft products for years and our passion for quality craftsmanship has allowed us to build a reputation as a leader in this industry. Our story began with a vision to offer eco-friendly gift boxes and premium packaging solutions, and as we pursued this mission, we discovered the opportunity to provide employment stability for our dedicated team, hire more people, and contribute positively to the communities of our local artisans. Now our aim is to meet the global demand for handicraft products, creating opportunities for Filipino Artisans around the country and showcasing their creations worldwide.



CUSTOM ECO PACK (CEP) ENTERPRISES embarked on its humble journey, commencing operations within a residential garage. From the outset, we extended our services to a diverse clientele, ranging from prominent corporations to smaller enterprises. Our business flourished as we steadfastly adhered to a commitment to delivering superior products with an unwavering dedication on quality and on time delivery.

Premium Box Corp Team 2017


Transitioning from a sole proprietorship, the company underwent registration as CEP Premium Box Corporation. This transformation has empowered us to undertake larger-scale projects with enhanced capabilities and efficiency.

Premium Box Corp Team 2020


CEP Premium Box Corporation has established its dedicated factory located in the south of Metro Manila, with the primary objective of meeting the demand for export-grade handicraft products.

Premium Box Corp Factory

Quality Craftsmanship

For years, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of quality, positioning us as a leading handmade box maker in the country. Our passion for excellence, coupled with a commitment to environmental sustainability, has defined our brand. Beyond the creation of premium packaging solutions, our broader mission encompasses fostering stable employment for our employees and making meaningful contributions to the community we serve.

Join us in our journey as we continue to uphold the values of quality craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and community advancement.


We have planted 1,500 trees.

We are dedicated to sustainable living hence, we actively contribute to tree planting initiatives each year. We believe that each of us has a role to play to achieve greener future and all of us need to start somewhere now.

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