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CEP Premium Box Corporation known as Custom Eco Pack is a Philippine-registered company that helps to bring Filipino talent through handmade boxes- these bespoke boxes are used for PR, gifting, product packaging, wedding and other corporate and marketing events. The company sustains livelihood for families in rural area and known to make customized boxes at an affordable price with high quality standard. 

Custom Eco Pack contributes sustainability by making beautiful boxes made from recycled board and selected recycled materials which are locally sourced. Recipients of CEP boxes can reuse the box as storage boxes after serving its purpose as gift box, PR box or as product packaging.

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About Us

Quality Boxes with 30 years of experience

Custom Eco Pack's Box Makers are all professional with years of experience in export quality box making. The company ensures all boxes being delivered met company's standard quality.

Professionalism and Commitment

Custom Eco Pack is a reliable company that values professionalism, quality and commitment. The company makes sure to deliver on time at a standard quality. 

Environmentally Responsible

Custom Eco Pack highly support local craftsmanship and locally source materials for the production of its boxes. The company use recycled materials in its day to day operation.

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Custom Eco Pack is a Maker of Premium Boxes

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For inquiry please call +63 02 82866108/ 0917 627 8162 / 0917 890 8491

For corporate accounts: 0917 303 9675/ 0917 182 2377

Monday to Friday 8AM-4PM

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