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Hassle Free Gift Giving

Gift Box Provider in the Philippines

From boxes to gift essentials and to full gift packages, CEP Premium Box Corporation offers wide options for you.

CEP Premium Box Corporation makes customized specialty boxes for companies in the Philippines and some clients abroad. The company is continuing its production expansion with the aim to export its boxes to countries that has a requirement for such boxes.

In the Philippines, the company provides ready made boxes for any gifting purposes, be it personal or corporate, CEP boxes are known to be presentable and suitable for any events.

To complement its boxes, CEP also offers gift box essentials such as box fillers or crinkled paper, ribbons whether plain or printed, customized logo/monogram on box, and even dried flowers or foliage in decorating gift boxes. CEP Premium Box Corporation even offers packaging service to help its clients pack their gifts at their convenience.


Recently, the company explore to offer gift items and complete gift packages to further complement its products and services. With the increasing demand from its clients, the birth of LASOBOX happened. LASOBOX will be the go-to gift shop under CEP Premium Box which aims to offer worry-free gift sets for retail and bulk requirements.

Now a complete Gifting provider.

Whether you just need a box for your gifts, or just need decorative items for your giveaways or need a complete gift packages, CEP Premium Box Corporation and LasoBox can definitely cater you!

CEP Premium Box's online shop is still in progress but is now live. More products coming on your way! You may check and shop HERE.

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