Gift Items
(Sold separately, 10pcs per box)
Scented Soy Candles

This is a gift idea to fill your curated gift box + you can personalize your own label according to your event theme.

Our scented soy candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, known for its non-toxic emission, it burns clean and is fully biodegradable making it truly eco-friendly.

Scent is peppermint but we can also customize scent for a minimum order. Call us to inquire.

Reed Diffusers

This is a gift idea to fill your curated gift box + you can personalize your own label according to your event theme.

Our reed diffusers are made from high quality pure oil, scent available is 5-star hotel. We can also customize scent for a minimum order. 

This is a perfect gift for anyone suited for almost all types of occasion. Call us to inquire.

Scented Soy Candle
We can customize scent min order at least 30pcs 
P1,980 per box of 10pcs -Peppermint scent

Top 4 Reasons Why Custom Eco Pack is a Fave

by Leigh Ann Santos

A sweet surprise can only be served if it is nicely wrapped up in a box. May it be for product packaging, promotional freebies, corporate giveaways, or wedding souvenirs, the best way to impress your people begins from the look and feel of the exterior to what it offers inside. And beyond doubt, Custom Eco Pack is the choice in the Philippines that can instantly make your statement loud and clear from the start through its bespoke boxes.

Among the many options you may have right now, here are the top 4 reasons why Custom Eco Pack is the favorite go-to box manufacturer and why you should follow too.

Their boxes can be customized.

Appreciation is at its finest when something is personalized and Custom Eco Pack is not a let-down when it comes to customized boxes. Be it color, shape, size and design, all details can be customized in accordance to your specifications.

Everything is affordable.

Known for being highly competitive with its affordable price, the quality of gift boxes is also not compromised. Prices vary depending on the box design, color, print and quantity of your box so better request for quotation with them if you have the final concept already for your customized box.

They support sustainability and love local.

Custom Eco Pack is driven by its love for nature and the country. Using only eco-friendly and recycled materials for packaging, all their products are skillfully handmade by experienced Filipino craftsmen. So if you wish to help save the environment and proudly support locally made products, Custom Eco Pack boxes is definitely the top-of-mind choice. You’ll never go wrong when your item is wrapped with love, care and even patriotism. How deep!


And most importantly, they listen!

A perfect partner for your upcoming project, Custom Eco Pack is committed to serve you with excellent gift boxes with no guilt nor worries! And their secret? Their good ear. They listen to your needs and desires, from your budget to your preferred box style, from the planning stage to the delivery of the gift boxes at your doorstep. And if uncertainty hits you, their creative suggestions and recommendations can ultimately fill in the gaps, while of course, still valuing your thoughts, interests, character and purpose.


So if you aim to have a hassle-free, successful project on finding and transacting with a box expert, Custom Eco Pack can surely deliver an exciting engagement you wouldn’t want to miss!